LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Dr. Brandi Clay is a published author who has traveled across the U.S. and Mexico presenting at educational conferences that focus on advancing the social and emotional advancement of all students. Now, she is working towards inspiring students across Lafayette to pursue their educational dreams.

Dr. Clay says she began her teaching career as a chemistry teacher in Texas. She noticed how students of color struggled with the science.

“I love science and I love making that connection with my students and I absolutely fell in love with teaching. Here I am, 10 years later, still in education,” she said.

Although she graduated from Dillard University and received her Doctorate Degree from Baylor University, the Lafayette native returned home. Now, she is an Instructional Strategist at Lafayette Middle School.

Dr. Clay is currently focused on expanding a literacy program to as many elementary schools as possible across the parish. She hopes to get more students excited about reading. Dr. Clay saw this non-profit as an opportunity to touch the lives of more students.

“I saw that there was an academic gap, a social gap, as well as an emotional gap so there was a need and I wanted to be able to fulfill that void so by starting my non-profit, The Educational Dreamer, it gave me the opportunity to connect my desires with the resources and other like-minded people within our community and then from there, we’re able to create solutions so that we can be able to close all of those gaps,” she said.

Dr. Clay hopes to create opportunities for students who will benefit from The Educational Dreamer. She hopes the non-profit can show students what their life could be like after graduation.

“I definitely think this is my purpose. I am supposed to be in education. Hopefully, inspiring other people. Hopefully, helping people to reach whatever their academics, professional, or even personal goals are. I really hope that I’m the person that can help them reach their goals based on any knowledge or resources that I have.”

To learn more about The Educational Dream and Ed.D. Series, visit their website to read about their platform and more contact information.