Peaceful rally calls on unification in St. Martinville


ST. MARTINVILLE, La. (KLFY) — Community leaders took to the courthouse steps today in St. Martinville to engage in a peaceful rally with residents.

Sarah Pierre, rally organizer, says, “When I see unification, I see growth.”

Unity in St. Martinville, as well as across the country, is what Sarah Pierre strives for. 

Born and raised in St. Martinville, Sarah says change around the world won’t start until there is a change in local communities. 

She developed a platform, calling on local law enforcement and community leaders, to show solidarity and help residents make a change in their community.

“In a small area like St. Martinville, it’s easy to become desensitized or stagnant to what’s going on. Other than awareness I believe this event will create or ignite a change in us,” adds Pierre.

With the help of Police Chief Ricky Martin, Sarah organized a peaceful rally on the courthouse steps calling on unification among residents and an end to violence in the streets.

Pierre explains, “In St. Martinville, this is the middle place. Northside and Southside, transparently, white side and black side. This is the meeting ground.”

Police Chief Martin spoke to his community at the rally.

He calls on everyone to come together and help St. Martinville move forward together and in the right direction.

Martin says, “If you are police officer in 2020, nobody should have to hold you accountable. Until law enforcement comes together with the community, nothing will change.”

On the courthouse steps, State Representative Marcus Bryant joined the peaceful rally saying, until we accept everyone, no matter the color of their skin, we can’t move forward and there can be no change. 

Bryant continues, “Want for me like I want for you. Love me like I love you. Care for me like I care for you.”

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