At KLFY News 10, we want to take the opportunity to give back to the community, so we’ve teamed up with Bob Giles and Giles Automotive to do just that. We go out into the community to find a good samaritan and then we give that person $500 in cash. We then challenge them to pay it forward by giving that money away to someone truly deserving.

We met Christy Patin in the grocery parking lot. She was a little caught off guard when we approached her. We explained to her what we were there for, and she had a little difficulty trying to think of someone to pay it forward to right on the spot. She ended up phoning a friend, her sister. 

Christy’s sister, Melissa Hay, thought of an employee who was in need this Christmas. With both sisters crying over the phone, we then went to a Home Bank branch to surprise Rachel Brown.

Hay said, “She’s a working mom with four kids. She has one child with special needs and her husband works two jobs. She works a job so it’s been very tough with COVID. This would be a huge blessing for them.”

Rachel is a Universal Banker at Home Bank. She was caught off guard not knowing what the surprise was she was about to receive.

Sylvia said to Rachel, “We met Christy here in the Albertson’s grocery parking lot, and we asked her if she could think of anybody that could use a helping hand financially and she had a little difficulty trying to think of someone so she basically phoned a friend and that was her sister Melissa and Melissa thought about you right away here at Home Bank.”

Bob Giles added, “It’s called ‘Pay It Forward’ and the way it works is there’s money in this envelope which I’m going to give the envelope to Christy and she in turn will pay it forward to you.”

Rachel was overwhelmed and embraced Melissa saying ‘thank you so much.’ She said, “I have four boys and I have an eight-year-old who’s disabled so this is going to help a lot for us. Y’all are going to make me cry.”

A Christmas blessing to help Rachel give gifts to her four young children.

Next week in our Pay It Forward, Sylvia Masters and Bob Giles will have another surprise for a person right before Christmas.