LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Every month, News Ten partners with Giles Automotive to spotlight local residents who pay it forward. This month, News Ten’s Sylvia Masters and Bob Giles met Carli Savoy in a parking lot. After explaining to Carli how Pay it Forward works, her mind immediately went to her friend Macy Vernoy.

“Hey, where are you at right now? I need to drop off some pots right now. I have some more pots for you. I got some more pots.” Carli called Macy to see if she was home so that Carli could pay it forward.

Carli explained that her friend deserved the $1,000 because she and her husband were new parents as well as new homeowners. Like any new parents or new homeowners, the Vernoys could use the cash.

Macy was extremely grateful when Bob Giles paid it forward to Carli so that Carli could do the same to Macy. She explained that she and her husband had run into some unexpected dental costs and were also searching for a second vehicle.