EUNICE, La. (KLFY) — Every month, KLFY partners with Giles Automotive to spotlight local residents who can ‘pay it forward.’ This time, we met a local woman who phones her mom to help pay it forward to a very deserving family. We walked up to Susie Muldowny and explained to her about Pay it Forward.

“Hold up. I got it. It just came to me. I just thought of my neighbor. They are in need. My mom’s neighbor,” Susie said.

Her mom’s neighbors were Lennie and Amanda Boulet. After having the idea, we were on the way to Eunice to surprise the family. We explained to Amanda how Pay it Forward worked, and that her neighbors thought of them. Amanda took her envelope and started to cry when she opened it.

“We’ve had many struggles. We’ll be married 21 years. It’ll be 18 years this year that we’ve adopted the kids. 17 years that we got the first two and 18 years that we got the baby and it’s been a journey and a journey of health and a journey of difficulties,” she said.

Amanda’s husband, Lennie Boulet, was diagnosed with stage four melanoma that had metastasized into his lymph nodes 2 weeks before their son’s first brain surgery two and a half years ago.

“With God, all things are possible, and nothing stops us. Cancer doesn’t stop us. Brain surgery doesn’t stop us. Autism doesn’t stop us. We’re just a family that’s going to go through it.”

Amanda expressed her gratitude saying that Clara, Susie’s mother does so much for their family.