LAFAYETTE,La. (KLFY) — Every month, News 10 and Giles Automotive spotlights Acadiana residents who pay it forward. This time, we met a woman who pays it forward to her good friend who is working and trying to put her daughter through school.

Karen Shockley knew who she wanted to pay it forward to immediately: her friend of ten years, Sabrina Ardoin.

“She’s a friend of mine and a single parent,” Shockley said, “She works a couple jobs and is just a very special person– does anything for you.”

Ardoin was hesitant to come out at first, but was quickly overwhelmed when she did.

“I am a caregiver and I lost two of my patients recently at the same time which doesn’t really happen and I’m still trying to get back on my feet,” Ardoin said.

Ardoin expressed how worried she had been about her expenses, but like Giles said to her, “God answered that.”

This gift between two friends brought on a feeling that neither of them will ever forget.