LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) —  Every month, KLFY News 10 partners with Giles Automotive to spotlight local residents who pay it forward. This month on Pay It Forward, Darrelyn Saloom was tasked with paying it forward to someone she knew who could use $1,000.

Darrelyn thought of Janusz Conradi, a Polish native who teaches tennis lessons with Darrelyn’s son. Janusz’s father owns a hotel in Poland and has been a place of refuge for Ukrainians throughout the war.

Janusz told News 10’s Sylvia Masters a little more about what his father is doing in Poland.

“My dad came over here with my sister 2 months ago and they shared the information of how many refugees they have. Although, my dad doesn’t like to call them refugees. He calls them guests. These are people that just lost their homes. These are people that just need a place to stay for a few months,” he said.

Janusz started telling Sylvia Masters and Bob Giles of Giles Automotive just how far this money would go. He says it would go to families in need. There are a lot of mothers trying to buy toys for their children and this extra money will help.

“Simple needs that sometimes we don’t think about,” he said.