LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — At KLFY News 10, we want to take the opportunity to give back to the community, so we’ve teamed up with Bob Giles and Giles Automotive to do just that. 

We go out to the community to find a good Samaritan and then we give that person $500 in cash. We then challenge them to “pay it forward” by giving that money away to someone truly deserving.

Wearing masks and taking precautions, we did another edition of Pay It Forward since the COVID-19 pandemic hit our area.

We met Laura Shelvin randomly in the grocery parking lot, and she knew exactly what we were there for. Immediately, she thought of a dear friend and coworker to pay it forward to.

Laura said, “I know someone that’s been going through a lot of health issues and hospital bills are just climbing.”

Laura was talking about Margaret Savoy, who is a tenacious woman who despite everything she’s dealing with, is always putting others before herself.

Laura explained, “She just has a heart of gold. She will do anything and everything she can to try and help anyone. She’s been struggling with Crohn’s Disease real bad, and I’ve never seen someone like her struggling and get up and go like she does. She can be hurting, and she’s at work pushing the cart.”

Laura said she’s known Margaret for about 13 years through work. So off we went to surprise Margaret where she works.

After receiving Laura’s gift, Margaret expressed her thanks. “All I can say is thank y’all. May God bless y’all. Thank you,” she exclaimed to Laura.

Margaret couldn’t believe it. She said the $500 would help with her mounting medical bills. 

A feeling both Margaret and Laura will always remember.