LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Every month, we spotlight Acadiana residents who pay it forward. This time, we meet a woman who pays it forward to someone she calls her mentor.

We surprised Kiara Brown by going up to her and asking if she knew about Pay It Forward. She knew exactly what we were about to ask her, and she thought of someone immediately to bless.

Bob Giles with Giles Automotive asked Kiara, “Do you know someone?”

“I actually do,” Brown said. “She’s an older lady. She can’t work. I help her sometimes with her bills. I help her as much as I can. I’m trying to help because I have a daughter. I just moved out to my own place now so I’m paying my own bills too, and I try to help her out as much as I can because I look up to her.”

Brown is talking about Tabitha Duhon. Brown says Duhon is a mentor to her and has always given her good advice about life. Brown says she visits Duhon often. 

We then went to surprise Tabitha Duhon.

Duhon was so surprised. We explained to her how we met Brown.

Giles said to Duhon, “We have some money in this envelope, and we asked Kiara if she knew of anybody that could use a helping hand and if she knew of someone and she immediately thought of you.”

Duhon exclaimed, “Oh, Kiara. Thank you. Oh, I’m trembling. Oh, $1,000. Oh, Kiara. Thank you for thinking about me.”

Brown replied, “I had no choice. You help us out so much. I had to help you.”