Every month, News 10 spotlights Acadiana residents who pay it forward. This time, we met a man who paid it forward to a good friend he calls family.

We started the morning off asking people if they could think of someone to give one thousand dollars to. After a couple of attempts, we found someone that knew immediately who he wanted to help.

We asked Jim Richard, “Do you think you can think of somebody?”

He replied, “I know I can think of somebody. A guy I’ve become very good friends with… an amazing man. I bought firewood from him 4 or 5 years ago and he’s become a very good friend of mine. He’s a hard worker and he needs help. I watch y’all on TV several times, but I can’t believe it’s actually happening. This is going to be unbelievable. He needs it desperately.”

Jim Richard couldn’t believe that we randomly chose him to help pay it forward. He thought of his friend, Raywood Necessary.

We surprised Raywood and he couldn’t believe it. 

We explained to Raywood that we met Jim randomly and he chose him to pay it forward to.

Bob Giles with Giles Automotive, said to Raywood, “I have some money in this envelope and the way it works is I’m going to pay it forward to Jim and he’s going to pay it forward to you. Open it up and see what’s in it.”

Raywood exclaimed, “Oh Lord, have mercy. I’m going to start crying. I’m emotional.”

One thousand dollars… A gift to Raywood he wasn’t expecting.

Raywood asked, “So how’s that going to work?”

Jim replied, “Merry Christmas, a little early. That’s for you.”

Raywood said, “Oh, no sir. For real?”

Bob Giles said, “Yes, he decided to give it to you.”

A gift was given from Jim to Raywood that they both will never forget.