LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Every month, News 10 and Giles Automotive spotlights Acadiana residents who pay it forward. This time, we meet a man who pays it forward to a friend from church.

The first person we walked up to recognized what we were there for. That was Walter Arceneaux. We asked him if he knew of someone to pay it forward by giving away $1,000.

Walter Arceneaux said, “I am with Our Savior’s Church and if you don’t mind, I’d like to call the pastors over there and see if they have somebody if that’s okay.”

Bob Giles with Giles Automotive said, “That’s okay.”

Walter phoned a friend… calling one of the pastors at Our Savior’s Church. He asked Pastor Scott Adams, “Do you know anybody that we can surprise and go over right now and give them $1,000.”

“There’s a guy in our church,” explained Adams. “He lives in a dilapidated house. We’ve been working on his house, and he’d be the first person I’d think about. Randy Hamilton.”

Walter replied, “Randy actually was my best man in my wedding.”

What a small world… the person that Walter would soon pay it forward to was a good friend from back in the day.

So off we went to meet Randy Hamilton who was in for a surprise.

We explained to Randy how Pay It Forward works.

Bob Giles with Giles Automotive said, “The way it works is I’ve got an envelope with some money in here that I’m going to give to Walter and pay it to him so he can pay it forward to you.”

Walter handed Randy the envelope with $1,000 in it saying, “Congratulations, man.”

Randy exclaimed, “Wow. Thank you.”

Walter added, “Randy found Jesus again and started coming to Church and now, he’s on fire.”

Randy said he’s known Walter for almost 50 years, and this moment is a blessing they will always remember.