(KLFY) — Every month, KLFY News 10 partners with Bob Giles and Giles Automotive to spotlight local residents who pay it forward. This time, a local woman pays it forward to a deserving long-time friend.

Bob Giles and I met Shonda Sinegal randomly and explained to her how Pay It Forward works. She knew all about it!

“There’s $1,000 in this envelope and so the way it works is if you can think of someone, other than a family member, someone that could use $1,000, a helping hand, and someone that we could go surprise right now and the way it will work is if you can think of this person, then we’ll go with you,” Giles said. “I’m going to give you $1,000 in this envelope and then you get to pay it forward to that person to bless them this morning.”

Shonda thought of a good friend to pay it forward to. Someone she’s known for six years.

“We’ve been best friends,” explained Shonda. “He works hard and takes care of his kids. I just think he deserves it because it’s never enough whatever’s he’s doing so I think that would be good for him.”

Shonda was talking about Dontravin Broussard. We decided to surprise him by showing up at the place where he works.

“Hi, good morning, Dontravin, we have a surprise for you. I’m Sylvia Masters with KLFY TV and this is Bob Giles with Giles Automotive and we have a program called Pay It Forward and we do this every month and we went up to Shonda randomly and we asked her if she could think of somebody that she could help pay it forward to and Bob will explain what he has.”

“She immediately thought of you,” Giles said. “And a matter of fact, she was talking about a conversation you had yesterday and so I have some money in this envelope that I’m going to pay to Shonda and Shonda is now going to be able to pay it forward to you so open it up and count it out.”

“Wow,” Dontravin exclaimed. “Wow. $1,000. Wow. That’s a lot. I appreciate it. Thank you.”