(KLFY)- An Acadiana teacher is giving back and making sure students are prepared and protected in their classrooms.

“We wanted to make sure students are prepared physically so we can continue to fight COVID,” Northside High teacher, Brandi Clay, said.

And as we continue to fight COVID-19 in our local community, the new school year is just about set to begin with some students going back into the classroom.

With that, Northside High teacher Brandi Clay is making sure those students are prepared and have the necessary school supplies, and other items as they return to school during the ongoing pandemic

“As a concerned teacher, I wanted to make sure students are prepared to return and that we continue protecting our children.”

Clay is giving back by collecting PPE’s, bags it, and distributes the supplies to families in need.

“We can give back with PPE bags. I also have enough to donate 300 masks to every school on the Northside of town.”

She says she collected enough donations to help Pre-K through 12th grade students.

The PPE bags include small bottles of sanitizer, at least four masks (disposable and cloth), and packs of wipes.

“We had a number of donations. Organizations and businesses, people wanted to get involved. Donations from Houston to San Francisco. People see the need of wanting to protect kids.”