LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- The third-annual pardoning of the crawfish took place today at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
Clyde the crawfish was granted an official pardon by Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser.
The event is held on the first Tuesday following Mardi Gras, to celebrate the crawfish season across the South.

The lucky crustacean was named “Clyde” in honor of Dr. Clyde Rougeou, who served as president of what was then the University of Southwestern Louisiana from 1966 to 1974.
“So what better place to do it than Lafayette, where all our crawfish farmers are here with the students,” Nungesser said. “Take one lucky crawfish, let it live the rest of its life out at a state park, while the rest of the family, we boil them and eat them. So, I think it’s only fitting that the president gets to pardon a turkey at the White House- here in Louisiana, the first Tuesday after Mardi Gras, we kick off a great season by pardoning a crawfish.”

Following his pardon, Clyde was taken to Palmetto Island State Park where he will live a boil-free life.