LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Trendy Spaces, newly opened at 102 Carmel Dr., is an all-purpose facility with spaces for lease for those servicing customers in beauty, health, or wellness. Whether you’re looking for something permanent or temporary, co-owner Larry Phillips cays he’s got you covered.

Larry Phillips says he and his wife, Tabitha Phillips, are helping to build back North Lafayette to what it once was one trendy space at a time. The two-story location offers a place for cosmetologists, health and wellness experts, podcasting, office spaces, indoor and outdoor event spaces.

“It’s not the space people want. It’s the vibe that they get. The feeling they get when they walk-in,” said Phillips.

Trendy Spaces offers a long-term option for those looking for a permanent space, as well as flex spaces for month-to-month renters or those who are frequently on-the-go.