LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Five years ago, Denise Champagne imagined a one stop shop for coffee, plants, books and home decor. After a change of plans and the pandemic, Champagne’s dream is about to come true.

Coffeeweed Cottage, named after the chicory plant not cannabis products, is putting down its roots in a warehouse on Poydras St. in Lafayette. The coffee shop will have four stations: the coffee bar, a grow bar, a private bookstore, and a home decor section.

Champagne told News 10 she spent over a decade working and travelling for the bath and kitchen industry. Everywhere she went, she made sure to enjoy her four favorite things. Now she is creating a space where all four elements come together.

When asked what her vision was for Coffeeweed Cottage, Champagne said, “How do you get this next generation to be a part of something you love?”

Customers will be able to plant, pot and personalize their own plants. They will also have the option to enjoy the reading space or shop around for decor. Coffeeweed Cottage will also feature a pet-friendly outdoor space. All of these things can be done while enjoying a unique brew of coffee, made from coffeeweed.

“They cut it up to pieces and they roast it and it has the flavor of coffee,” Champagne said.

Her plan is to put everything in one space with the intentions of enriching a historical Lafayette community and bringing together all kinds of people. Champagne hopes to put the finishing touches on Coffeeweed Cottage and open it to the community in coming months.