LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Virtual Reality training created right here in Lafayette is gaining international attention for its innovative use of technology.

Tantrum Lab in Lafayette partnered with MacLaff Inc., a Louisiana based McDonald’s franchise to create a Virtual Reality training system. Over 700 local employees have already trained through the technology. 

“They are literally some of the first people in the country to be using this technology in such an innovative way,” says Elliot Green, the founder of Tantrum Lab, “What we have created is a system where the crews within the different McDonald’s stores go in and have a virtual customer come to them with a question and they have to answer that question in real-time. What it allows the crew member to do is to get used to and get comfortable interacting with different members of the community and giving the best customer service possible.”

Tantrum Lab and MacLaff have been able to personalize the training specific to our area and culture. Chris Krampe with MacLaff says by using VR he is keeping their employees as up to date as possible. 

“As new things come out with McDonald’s, and they come out quite often whether it’s products or new procedures, we can now go in and shoot certain videos and put it right into our virtual reality training to get our people trained a lot quicker than we could if we had to wait for all of them to go on the website and watch videos. We are very excited about continuing to use the virtual reality training and what it’s gonna do for us and our teams,” says Krampe. 

Tantrum Lab has been selected as a finalist in the 4th International VR Awards. The panel of 70 judges will make their final decision in November.