LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Moncus park has officially been open for about a month. News Ten’s Caroline Marcello spoke to officials about what is still under construction and how you can get involved volunteering at the park. 

“This is my dream job. Managing, taken care of, and procuring 100 acres of green space in the heart of Lafayette has been my dream for the last eight years,” says Ground Manager Mark Hernandez.  He’s been the groundskeeper at Moncus Park for two years but started the Lafayette Farmer’s Market eight years ago under the market oaks. 

“From 8 to 12 every Saturday there has been some activity out here on the park. Keeping the community engaged was an asset that the market gave to the park,” says Hernandez. 

Hernandez is now in charge of 100 acres of green space. Some of the park is still under construction. The amphitheater and multi use pavilion went up this month, the pillars for the treehouse have been installed, and two playgrounds are currently being worked on. 

“There’s plans to do a farmers market pavilion, which will be the next phase of construction which will start in the summer. That Farmers Market pavilion will kind of be where the old barn was and we will still be able to utilize the space under the market Oaks. We love that space,” says Hernandez. 

Organizers say Moncus Park was saved by the people, built by the people, and is here for the people. They also need people to help keep it beautiful by volunteering their time. 

“We were privileged enough to get a huge donation from the Louisiana Iris society of beautiful Louisiana Iris bulbs. They require a lot of care and maintenance to bloom in the spring. We need volunteers to come out and mulch, weed, and keep them beautiful so that come March and April they are blooming all different colors around our lake,” says Chelsey Roberie with Moncus Park. 

For more information on volunteer opportunities at Moncus Park, visit their website.