A local nonprofit organization is working to transform the minds of potential leaders in our area by exposing what they call a “poverty mindset.”

Escape From Poverty is a Christian nonprofit organization in Acadiana that is working to help families escape from poverty, not just survive it.

Escape From Poverty volunteers and mentors help to educate and support community members in building a better life for themselves and their families—offering a hand up instead of a hand out.

“Some people are not afforded the same opportunity as others,” Teresa Robertson said. “You would be surprised how simple educational skills can change somebody’s life.”

Those life-changing skills are offered in their free eight-week success series. Claire James said the transformational course will help individuals get to the root cause of poverty. Other topics include career success, wellness advice and finance tips. 

“We also provide them with a micro loan to help them build their credit, but also give them an opportunity to give them that push within their career,” James said. 

Although the success series is to help transform the lives of adults, organization leaders are keeping the youth in mind. Free child care, courses and meals are also offered to the children of adult participants.

“We don’t want to be just reactive,” Robertson said. “Most of the habits that we’ve learned that are not that well, we learn when we are younger. We are being very proactive and teaching it to the youth as well.”

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