(KLFY)– Whether you are shopping for Christmas home decor, gifts or you just need a good book, and a warm cup of tea to relieve holiday stress, Coffeeweed Cottage in Lafayette just may be the perfect spot for you. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but between crafting a food menu, purchasing gifts and decorating, holiday prep can be stressful. Visiting Coffeeweed Cottage on Poydras Street in Lafayette can help take the edge off. 

“It’s like your cortisol levels go down a notch and you start relaxing,” Denise Champagne, owner of Coffeeweed Cottage, said. “It’s where you want to be on a day like today where it’s cloudy and perfect coffee shop weather.”

Champagne said she hopes to navigate the cottage’s first holiday season by being a one-stop shop for holiday decor goods and gifts.

“We started setting up everything a little early,” Champagne said. “It was about the Christmas ornaments. We really have unique items and a lot of them are local.”

Along with Christmas goods and gifts,  Champagne said there are also Christmas themed beverages to help make your shopping experience less of a hassle.

“One of our Christmas drinks is a Christmas cactus,” Champagne said. “The drink is pink and green, and we have these really cool glass cups. We definitely want people to come in and get some good little deals as well.”

Denise encourages customers to be on the lookout for holiday shopping deals.

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