LAFAYETTE, LA. (KLFY) — There are four constitutional amendments on the Nov. 13 ballot. Local economists say that two of them can greatly impact small businesses.

One Acadiana is working to educate the public on amendment number one and two on the Nov. 13 ballot. “Those two amendments would lower tax rates and create more jobs in Louisiana. The constitutional amendments are always complicated. People want an explanation on what they’re being asked to vote on so we try to provide the fax,” says Andre Breaux.

Amendment Number one, if passed would make it easier for small businesses in Louisiana to pay their taxes, according to Steven Waguespack with the Louisiana Association of Businesses and Industry.

“Amendment one would create a centralized commission where small businesses can pay their taxes just like out-of-state businesses can. It adds no new taxes, no taxpayer will be impacted. But it will create such an easier process for small businesses to compete in this pandemic economy.” says Waguespack.

“We are only one of three states in the country that doesn’t have a centralized sales tax collection system and that impacts our local brick and mortar businesses in Louisiana. We want to make it easier for them to file their taxes so they can compete with the online retailers who have a much easier process,” says Breaux.