LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — FlyGuys out of Lafayette is a drone service provider that collects four different types of drone data nationwide. The company recently secured a $4 million investment to expand.

Adam Zayor, the CEO of FlyGuys, was working as a project manager in Lake Charles when his former company started using drones for marketing purposes. It was then he realized he could use drones for progress monitoring on construction sites. 

“We collect four different types of drone data, RGB, multispectral, light R, and thermal,” Zayor said.

Zayor said FlyGuys now collects data using 55 hundred contractor pilots from across the country. The company has been growing at about 100% for the last three years, Zayor said.

FlyGuys closed out a $4 million Series A round investment from Advantage Capital and a group of investors out of Lake Charles. About 70,000 start-up companies pop up each year and get seed funding, but only about 1% make it to Series A.

“And that’s what we hit,” explained Zayor, “We’re moving into a new building, the old CGI building, we’re adding additional people — 10 to 20 additional jobs.”