LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– News 10 visited Coffeeweed Cottage just a few months ago to track the progress of the up-and-coming coffee shop and home décor store. Now, Coffeeweed Cottage, with the help of Lafayette Christian Academy students, have added another eye-catching feature.

The LCA students painted a culturally-inclusive mural along the brick wall of Coffeeweed Cottage’s building on Poydras street. Even if you’re not visiting for a cup of coffee or home goods, you may just want to take a picture.

Denise Champagne-Mcclure, owner of Coffeeweed Cottage, says the idea for the mural came from her goal to create a relatable space for the residents in the community. She wanted community members to feel connected to the store. She asked the students for a mural that included flowers an featured a brown Creole woman.

“When the neighbors started passing, they would stop and say thank you for making her Creole like us. I wanted something that the neighborhood would love,” she said.

Mcclure’s vision to represent the community also influenced the artists she chose for this mural, local teens from LCA.

“This is an amazing opportunity. Most students don’t get chances like this outside of their school,” said David Le.

Ali Friesen, the ring leader of the project, says the opportunity was a dream come true.

Gabby Mouton and Hannah Campbell agreed that each student worked together to bring Mcclure’s vision to life.

“I think that being apart of this mural really taught me things about working together to create something so beautiful that everyone just loves,” said Gabby.