LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Harold “Dudy” Duffy Jr. recently opened his own barbershop on the North side of Lafayette after cutting hair with his father for 34 years.

His shop has been open for about six weeks, and so far business is booming. Dudy’s clientele ranges from loyal clients of 30 plus years to new clients just looking for a barber to call their own.

“You can get anything you would need in the community at the barber shop. We just have a good time,” says Brandon Shelvin, a loyal customer.

First time customers agree with Shelvin’s sentiment.

“Most barber shops that I’ve ever been to are stone cold quiet. I come in here and everybody is immediately laughing, talking and having a good time” said Nick, a newcomer to the shop.

Dudy says the barber shop is more than haircuts and conversations. It’s a way for him to enhance his community. One way does that is by giving young entrepreneurs an opportunity to grow. Dudy knows that college isn’t for everyone, and says being a barber is a good trade where young people have a chance to flourish.

Although, Dudy does what he can for his community, he says initiating change doesn’t start with him.

“Voting for the right people and putting us in the right position to have things on the North Side of town.
I think that’s where it starts.”