LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Acadiana cybersecurity experts say cybersecurity victims skip some important steps making themselves vulnerable to cyber attacks. Danielle Johnson asked some of Acadiana’s experts for tips to avoid another attack.

“We are all human at the end of the day. We have natural instincts to take the path of least resistance to achieve outcomes,” says Justin Getzinger, Director of Sales for Global Data Systems.

Even as humans, there are ways to decrease chances of loss. Getzinger says the key to protection is education. Whether you own a business, or you’re just trying to better protect your home, every person should be educated on household devices from a cyber attack.

Dwight Andrus IV, CEO of Dwight Andrus Insurance explains that most attacks are financially driven. Hackers commonly gain access to sensitive information through social engineering, which allows them to pose as someone in your social circle.

“A hacker will get into a computer system. They will watch your emails and then the hacker attempts to pose as someone within your organization in whom you trust. They then ask you to write a check or send money via ACH somewhere…””