ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY)– Classic Cup Brew Bar and Eatery in Abbeville says their mission has always been to provide hope and a fresh start with a cup of love. When you buy from Classic Cup, you are giving a gift of love and compassion to a child or young adult in need.

Chereie Leblanc, owner of Classic Cup Brew Bar and Eatery, says the idea to open the brew bar sparked after having a tough conversation with her teenage daughter. Her daughter said that kids need their parents, but parents do not need their kids. Leblanc says this was devastating to hear as a mom.

Leblanc’s intention was to create a space where young adults felt valued through their work. It quickly transitioned into something that changed her life.

Two weeks after breaking ground, Leblanc’s father took his life after a long battle with mental illness. The inheritance her father left helped open Classic Cup.

“He would say ‘I’m eating sandwiches for lunch so I can leave an extra five bucks for you’,” Leblanc said.

Her business became a quick success that attracted multimillion dollar offers. However, Leblanc refuses to place on price-tag on purpose.

“If I divert the purpose then I lied to God. If the purpose is I promise I will hire as many children as I can and I sell out in 6-months for money, I betrayed him.”

12 years after Classic Cup’s initial opening, Leblanc is still keeping her promise by teaching young adults self-worth and accountability one cup at a time.

“To have influence on a child in their first job, what an awesome opportunity,” she said.

Classic Cup is expanding to Maurice this year. The new location will feature seating, home goods, and merchandise from local vendors. The Maurice location will be co-owned by the owner of and founder of Hebert’s Specialty Meats in Maurice.