LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Ryan Pecot, owner of Lafayette’s only brewery, says his main goal was to make Lafayette cooler. His love for his dog and love for craft beer inspired him to find a way to move Lafayette forward.

Pecot says his goal is for customers to have an experience from the large brewing vessels when they enter Adopted Dog Brewing.

“I love the fact that people can walk right in the door and see what’s going on. It’s really neat.
I think it’s important to have what’s going on up and front for people to see. A big inspiration was getting it to look and feel as it is now,” said Pecot.

Although Pecot wanted to transport customers to somewhere new, he says each beer is tailored to fit the culture of Lafayette. The recipes and names of the beers are a reflection of Lafayette’s unique culture.

Since the opening, the community’s response to Adopted Dog Brewing has been overwhelming for Pecot and his crew.

“Even the days that we are overwheled. I look up and people are having so much fun and it really re-charges us,” he said.

Adopted Dog Brewing is located at 329 Dulles Dr. Pecot says the brewery will also host dog adoption events in the near future.