LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Acadiana Workforce Solutions is partnering with UL Lafayette’s LEED Center and The Acadiana Workforce Program to start an entrepreneurship program.

This program will give opportunities to those who may not have thought of starting a business or need some guidance with starting their entrepreneurial journey.

Now, the State of Louisiana has given Acadiana Workforce Solutions a grant to help them expand their services.

“We are able to offer this program to individuals who may not meet the WIOA eligibility,” said LEED Community engagement manager Kevin Guillory.

The program now has 20 spots available for participants who want to learn about starting and managing a business.

The program gives participants a head start by offering the most important step when becoming an entrepreneur: surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals.

“There are people who can go through that with you. A lot of times we are so excited because it gives another opportunity to bring the mindset to a group of people who are excited about starting something for themselves,” said Deanna Tolliver, outreach director for Acadiana Workforce Solutions.

For more information on the Acadiana Workforce Program and to register, keep up with their social media and visit UL Leed Center’s website.