LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– It was only a few years ago that 20-year-old Joy Spraggins started taking her craft as a photographer seriously. Now, at 23, Spraggins has opened her own photography studio on Verot School Rd. in Lafayette

Spraggins’ journey as a photographer started in her mother’s kitchen. With the help of her family, Spraggins was able to continue her business and see a profit. Being a photographer required Spraggins to step outside of her naturally reserved comfort zone.

“It was a lot for me at first but I love every minute of it,” she says.

Spraggins’ studio is a full-fledged experience for guest, including a VIP closet where clients have access to outfits and accessory options. This feature is especially important for guests who may not be able to afford every clothing item or accessory to make their vision come to life. Spraggins has them on hand. As she showed News Ten around, there was also a hallway display of her work. Most of her portfolio is maternity, mommy and me, motherhood, and children.

Spraggins says her photography journey has been mostly self taught. YouTube videos and online courses supplemented her personal experiments with the camera. She advises other young entrepreneurs to take similar steps to grow their craft and invest in themselves.

“It may take a long time, but don’t compare yourself. Just do in your heart what you feel you should do.”