A local teen was accepted into over 130 colleges and universities, received over $8.7 million in scholarship money, accepted into five medical schools and offered 16 full rides. 

18-year-old Normadie Cormier, from Lafayette, had no idea that when she began the college application process a few months ago, that this would be the outcome.
Cormier is a senior at Early College Academy and a student at South Louisiana Community College. She completed high school and courses for an Associates Degree a semester early, back in December 2018. 

Over the past few months, she’s been on the hunt for schools. The Bio Chemistry bound student made a short list of desired schools after a little research. Little did she know how many letters would come rolling in. 

The aspiring surgeon was also offered more than four national prestigious scholarships in the world. She has until May 1st to make a decision. 

Cormier has set a new world for receiving the largest dollar of scholarships in the world in the Guinness Book of World Records.