CECILIA, La. (KLFY)– Back for round two after a Local Music Spotlight in 2019, Laura Huval, a member of Sweet Cecilia band, says she is now starting her solo career.

In 2020, Huval released her first faith-based solo project, “It’s Never Too Late.” This project paved allowed Huval to connect with Oregon Catholic Press. The company is giving Huval a chance to tackle her dream project: an album of 10 reworked versions of songs Huval grew up singing in St. Joseph Church. The project will be called “Raised in the Choir Loft.”

Huval says St. Joseph Church is a large part of her identity. Her parents met and fell in love in the choir loft. She spent a lot of time there as a child. Now she uses faith as inspiration for her music to incorporate this part of her identity.

“Just following that spirit and trying to help people in their journey,” she said.