LEBEAU, La. (KLFY)– CJ Vedell started playing music over a decade ago, in 2005. His interest in music was peaked from a young age. Vedell watched his father and uncles start a band when he was only 5 or 6 years old. They would have to hide the drum sticks from him just to stop him from using the drum set. Nothing stood between him and music.

Vedell remembers playing in talent shows as a young man in school, but he lost his passion for a while. It cranked back up after being encouraged by family to play at family events. From there, the phone calls requesting him to play kept rolling in. Before he knew it, he was playing his first gig and the whole community set out to support him.

Vedell hopes he can expose his children to music in the same way he was. There is no pressure, but lots of opportunity to continue expanding music within the family.