Homegrown Reggae band leader, Russell Cormier, is the local musician being featured this morning on the Acadiana Music Spotlight with Gerald Gruenig..

“I started hanging around bands when I was 16, and landed a job as a roadie for a couple of popular local groups.  I soon got my first job as a rhythm guitarist, and I played with several groups of different genres until I was 28.  Then I began playing with the local popular reggae group True Man Posse, and I’ve been playing reggae ever since. After leaving them in 2002, I’ve since created my own style by compiling all the different styles I’ve played into what is now HomeGrown Reggae.  Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to open for some great groups such as The Wailers, Yellow Man and the Abysinians, including sharing the stage with many reggae artists over the years at Lafayette Cultural and Reggae Festival.” – Russell Cormier

Homegrown Reggae has a new album out now titled, “LOVE IS THE ROOT”. Details on the album release party taking place on December 28th can be found by clicking here.