Little Free Libraries continue to pop up around Acadiana


YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY)- Over 75,000 public book exchanges are registered across the country. One of them now includes a neighborhood in Youngsville through a small library. 

Walking past the gazebo in Laurel Grove Subdivision residents may notice this very colorful little box. If they take a look inside, they’ll notice three shelves full of books, that are accessible all over the country.

“I just saw the cutest little house and realized it was a library,” said Ana Boudreaux. She was walking in a nearby neighborhood and instantly became inspired by what she saw.

“It just made me curious. So I went on Pinterest and I saw all the little libraries on Pinterest,” said Boudreaux. That’s when she discovered It’s a non–profit organization that register book exchanges around the world. 

“We’re so small. We don’t have a lot of amenities. So this will be something kind of special. We have a lot of young families,” said Boudreaux. It aims to inspire a love of reading, build community, and spark creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges. 

“I’ve read to my children. I’ve read to my grandchildren. I just think it’s an important thing that people read books and put down the electronics,” she added. 

This idea was transformed into reality with the help of neighbors donating money, books, and even wood. “We just recelyced the wood that we managed to salvage from newer homes being built and we built this tiny library,” said Craig Turner, the builder of the project. 

“Well you know it’s a good feeling giving back. Easy to lay your head and go to sleep when you know you’re giving back and not wanting anything in return,” Turner added, who is also a resident.

“It’s going to catch your eye as your coming down the street. So it’ll make you want to go see what’s inside,” said Boudreaux. 

the neatest part about this little free library is that readers can leave notes for future readers and pinpoint online other little library locations in the area. “You can touch the little pinpoint and it will pull up a little picture of our library. You can see where it is and come borrow a book,” said Boudreaux. 

The library is officially registered online. Type in the zip code or charter number to find or exchange books. 

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