(KLFY)- Lift Acadiana, in partnership with Gulf Coast Humanitarian Efforts, is focused on working with the community to ensure the families of the Seacor Power tragedy know that they are not alone.

One founder of Lift Acadiana, Veronika Henry explains, “Although we are two separate operations, we support each other. We help provide a platform.”

When Lift Acadiana launched over three weeks ago, the focus was on the five Acadiana families.

Founders Brook Fremin and Veronkia Henry say because of the outpouring of donations and support, they are now dedicated to all 13 families of those fallen or still missing.

Fremin continues, “These people still need to live on a day to day basis.”

Fremin and Henry say 100% of all proceeds received will go towards helping loved ones rebuild their lives after this tragic event.

“We stopped and had real conversations with these families,” says Fremin.

They say it was because of those conversations that led them to want to more and provide additional resources and help.

“When they feel like you are there, that is when they step up and ask for support. I have provided lawn maintenance. I found help with some plumbing problems. They lost their spouses and partners,” adds Henry.

To continue with fundraising effort, a day-long benefit is scheduled for Sunday, May 16th.