CARENCRO, La. (KLFY)- Instead of a birthday party filled with gifts, nine year old Ella Conrad asked for food donations for local dogs and cats at Acadiana Animal Aid.

Ella says, “I really wanted to do it because I love helping animals.”

Ella gave up a party and gifts to help the animals up for adoption at Acadiana Animal Aid.
Ella says she was inspired by another girl who gave up her time to donate to local animal shelters.

“For my birthday instead of gifts I really wanted to donate dog and cat food because I saw another girl do it and that made me really want to do it,” Ella explains.

Thanks to Ella’s hard-work and donations, Acadiana Animal Aid can now help other small local shelters.

Jeanine Foucher with Acadiana Animal aid says, “When we can help out we do. So today we donated some food to Acadiana Human Society, SpayNation, and the pet food pantry in Lafayette.