Jennings revamping memorial park in honor of veterans


Construction has started on a new project in Jennings in honor of local veterans.

“The only reason we’re standing here talking about our freedom is because of the sacrifices they make, so you can’t be naive to that,” said Jennings Mayor Henry Guinn. “You have to show your appreciation to these people and what a better way to do it than in Jennings, at a local park, with a local war hero.” 

That local war hero he’s talking about is United States Army Corporal Marcus Cain. Cain was born in Jennings and was killed in action near Baghdad, Iraq on September 13, 2006. There is currently a park in Jennings named after him, but four months ago a local organization wanted to make an addition to it.

“Local American Legion came to me and said ‘We want to do something to honor our veterans.’ And so I got to thinking about it and said ‘What can we do? What’s a good idea? What do you see that needs to happen?’ They said ‘We’d like to put a flagpole at Marcus Cain Park.”

Guinn thought the flagpole was a great idea, but he didn’t think it was enough.

“If we’re going to do a flagpole, there’s nowhere to stand around it, there’s no sidewalks, or they’re cracked and broken,” the major said. “So I said let’s use this as a beautification project. Let’s honor our veterans with a really nice project that they can cherish.”

And Guinn says the extra work is worth it. “It’s a joy to be able to come out and support our veterans. It’s a joy to be able to honor Marcus and his family.”

The mayor says he hope the project will be completed by Memorial Day.

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