History of the Breaux Bridge bridge


The first bridge in the city now known as Breaux Bridge was built by Firmin Breaux in 1799. 

Since then, several other bridges have been built, torn down, and even moved. 

“Bridge was built in 1950”, says Breaux Bridge resident Ray Pellerin.

At the time, it only cost $233,000 to build the bridge. 

“Today’s dollars would be about $2,400,000,” Pellerin says.

The bridge standing tall today over the city is a drawbridge made of steel. 

“When the bridge is open the center span pieces and the big blocks with the crawfish, that’s a counterweight so that comes down,” explains Pellerin.

In the late 80s, The Kiwanis Club of Breaux Bridge decided to paint crawfish on the bridge to showcase the crawfish industry. 

“Since we painted the crawfish it’s probably one of the most photographed bridges in the country,” Pellerin says.

The city plans to refurbish the bridge and repaint the famous crawfish. 

“Refurbishing of the bridge is in the 2018 2019 budget and we hope the money is there to refurbish it, repaint it, get it off. It’s the symbol of Breaux Bridge, you know we can’t lose that bridge. It is the symbol of Breaux Bridge,” says Pellerin.

The bridge needs a major facelift because of rusting and peeling. 

It also needs sandblasting and a fresh coat of paint. 

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