(KLFY) Specialist Aaliyah Edmonson is deployed with the Louisiana National Guard in the Middle East and she’s a full time college student.

“Not for the weak. You must be disciplined and self motivated because it’s easy to slip up.”

But Edmonson hasn’t slipped up. As a matter of fact, she has completed 21 credit hours online since February with a 3.3 GPA.

“It was tough but I did it”!

Continuing her nursing studies from 7000 miles away while deployed presents a host of challenges even in today’s tech world.

“When you’re taking a test that is being proctored and Wifi starts to trip, the person behind the screen doesn’t know, yes i am deployed.”

But she doesn’t use that as an excuse.

“If they give me extra time, cool. But if not, I’ll take it.”

She believes her military training and being deployed have contributed to her can-do attitude about life.

“It motivates me more to be self disciplined and dependent on myself and hold myself accountable for everything in life.”

Both her parents are military, as is her sister.

She says the military has been a dream for her since sixth grade.