Louisiana National Guard deployment means soldiers are separated from family for about a year. One guardsman left a wife at home, but he will return to a family.

Specialist Chandler McKane and his wife were newlyweds when he deployed, and they got the news they would become parents while he was gone.

He remembers, “I was very upset, but I knew that my wife and the baby would be taken care of financially and medically, so that’s the most important thing.”

McKane and his wife knew about his deployment when they got married last year, and that his first visits with his baby would be virtual. “Every now and then, we get some good Wi-Fi and I’m able to FaceTime the baby.”

Alexander William McKane was born on March 15th. Mom and Dad share photos and as much time as they can online visiting.

McKane says becoming a father has changed his personal military plans. “It makes me want to stay in the military a lot longer for the stability and medical benefits to help with raising a family.”

He’s looking forward to meeting little Alexander when he gets back, and enjoying the simple things that he misses in Louisiana, namely, “Home-cooked meal with the whole family, good music and drinks, good times.”

The 256th Tiger Brigade will return home this fall.