(KLFY) one member of the Louisiana National Guard 256th Tiger Brigade is taking on a new physical challenge.

Members of the 256th Tiger Brigade have the opportunity to participate in events outside their normal mission duties.

Personal discipline and military training enabled one soldier to take on a challenge she’s very proud of.

“Recently I switched gears a little into boxing which I had never done until I got here.”

Specialist Jordan Sanders grew up as an athlete and is an active crossfit member. One of the captains deployed with her was teaching other soldiers the sport of boxing, so she joined and then.

“But when I heard word of the tournament, I picked up on the training. I got really excited for that.”

Not only was competing in a new sport challenging.

“In the match, I was the only female. Unfortunately everyone was 20+ pounds outside my weight class and a few inches taller.”

The 5 foot 5, 145 pound woman soldier was not deterred being pitted against a man who outweighed her by 20 pounds and a few inches.

“I went in thinking that if I wasn’t gonna win I was gonna make it really hard for him to beat me.”

And she did! He may have taken the match but, “I won the first round and I’m really proud of that.”

She appreciates the support she received from her fellow soldiers during her training and battle in the ring.

“They were very excited to watch me box because everyone knew I was the only female boxing.”

Sanders next challenge is completing her nursing degree. She has two semesters left when she gets home.