(KLFY) As you saw last night, the 256th tiger brigade is back home in Acadiana.

Tonight we showcase a special member of the brigade who acts as a liaison, getting accurate information on what’s happening overseas back home to the public.

Seeing and hearing about what our American soldiers are doing helps us all to rally around them and a specialized team within the Louisiana National Guard is entrusted with the task of sharing that information safely.

“I handle all of our social media messaging and releases that get sent back to the state about what our soldiers are doing here on the ground.”

Staff Sergeant Noshoba Davis serves as a public affairs specialist with the Louisiana National Guard.

She operates as a liaison between the media and the brigade to share a glimpse into the life of soldiers who are deployed.

“So civilians and local populace in any area can actually understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.”

Anyone can follow the social media pages for the Tiger Brigade.

A challenge for Davis is to distribute that information accurately, but also safely.

“We wanna stay transparent to where the public can still understand our mission and our main job, but we don’t wanna go so far into the weeds that we hinder the security of what our soldiers are doing.”