(KLFY) We introduce to you a preventive medicine specialist who helps to keep the 256th infantry brigade in good health while serving our country.

An active army medic transitioned to the Louisiana National Guard.

His medical training was a stepping stone to his mission with the brigade.

“Basically I keep soldiers from going to medical anything trauma related.”

Specialist Sun’s job as a preventive medicine specialist requires attention to potential issues that could put soldiers at risk of illness from a variety of sources.

“Cause there’s a lot of stuff out here if you can imagine, especially in more austere locations from bug bites to bacteria to environmental threats. I try to mitigate that as much as possible.”

Not only does he search areas for man-made biological threats he also examines food and water sources for the troops, and how they get rid of waste things we don’t typically think about.

“I keep soldiers from getting sick so they are more able to do their job, whatever it is.”

The term preventive medicine conjures up thoughts of the current pandemic. In the Middle East, there’s a team who deals with that specifically but sun dealt with contact tracing and monitoring when they were at Fort Bliss before leaving the United States.

“I was able to track and predict how many cases we would have by the end of our training at ft bliss and maybe I’m tooting my own horn but i think my model was pretty accurate.”

Sun would like to become part of the team that teaches other soldiers who want to be preventive medicine specialists.

He believes his real world experience would help future generations.