ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY)- A local teen and his friends helped rescue a dog they found on the side of an Acadia Parish highway left for dead.​

It was on Castille Highway in Rayne where a 13-year-old boy and his friends were riding bicycles when they noticed a dog laying down in the grass, and it wasn’t moving… A dog that probably wouldn’t have survived without their help.

Wade Harrell, who noticed the dog, said, “We went ride. We were going down Castille Highway, and we got down, and we seen a dog on the side of the road. At first, we thought the dog was dead because it wasn’t moving.”​

Tyler Cancienne, who was with Wade, said, “But then I seen the eyes were moving.”​
“So then we stopped,” added Brayden Mauroner, who also found the dog.​ Wade, Tyler and Brayden were riding bicycles when they noticed the dog, named Taz, laying on the side of the road… possibly hit by a car.​

Thankfully, Wade knew just what to do.​ He called Haseya’s New Beginning Animal Rescue in Rayne for help.​

While waiting for help to arrive, Wade and his friends made a barricade around the dog with their bicycles for protection.​​

“We put the bikes in front of the dog so nothing tried to get by it… like orange cones pretty much,” explained Tyler.

“If they wouldn’t have showed up, he (Taz) probably wouldn’t have made it. It’s so crazy because they could’ve not been riding on that part of the road,” Katie LeBlanc, a volunteer with Haseya’s New Beginning Animal Rescue added. “They could’ve not found him. They just could’ve passed him up, but something said in their heart, I guess, ‘man, we need to help this dog,’ and they did.”​​

The happy ending- Haseya’s posted on Facebook they found the dog and brought him to the shelter.​ The owner of Taz saw their post saying he had been missing for a week and was so glad he was found.​

“It made me feel happy because I knew that we saved the dog,” Wade exclaimed. “Because we gave the dog a second chance that he possibly could’ve never had.”

​A heartwarming story Wade, Brayden, and Tyler will always remember.​