Get Well with Dr. Kevin: Thyroid Problems


Welcome back to the show and thank you so much for joining me.

If you missed last week’s show, I want to encourage you to go on my website and watch it.

We discussed energy debt and why you can’t regain your health because your body is using up its energy faster than it can make it. Your energy molecule is called ATP.

And your body runs off of a never-ending supply of energy, just like your car must have a never-ending supply of gasoline.

Now many folks I treat have lost their ability to balance the energy supply in their body, so they are running out of energy before the body can run all its systems properly.

Do any of you ever feel like your body is using up more energy than its making at the end of the day?

Then last week’s show will be an eye opener for many of you.

Now we also said that your thyroid hormone is what turns the food you eat into energy for your body to work correctly.

The most important step to solving thyroid problems is to figure out why they have occurred and if there is anything that can be done to support it to work better.

Many people have been told their thyroid wasn’t the problem or it’s not being treated properly.

But thyroid problems lead to fatigue (especially waking up tired), being cold often, brittle nails and hair, dry skin, even hair loss or weight changes.

Thyroid problems are more common now than ever before in the history of mankind.

And there are very specific reasons for this.

If you want to really get into all the details about thyroid health and find out if there is anything natural support for you to feel better, I wanted to invite you to come by my free community seminar on four secrets to support a healthier thyroid.

The number is 983-CARE to register.

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