Get Well with Dr. Kevin: Tale of Two Paths


I wanted to have a discussion with you today about the direction of your health

Are you happy with it?

I often talk about a story I call the tale of two paths

We have two ladies that have been friends for years

They are the same age, they both just turned 65

One is living the time of her life, she is shopping, gardening, and playing with her grandkids, able to do anything she wants

The other unfortunately, just entered an assisted living facility barely hanging on

At some point their heath pathway took a dramatic split

It wasn’t their age that caused this

At some point one probably did things to improve her health that the other one did not

But here is the moral of the story

That split didn’t happen at 65, or even 60

Years if not decades earlier one did things to improve her conditions and diseases and the other one simply managed them

Are you simply managing the decline of your health and where is your health pathway headed?

I also wanted to let you know that we have made tremendous advancements in the field of natural healthcare

We now have some technologies and techniques available right here in Acadiana that may help you do more than simply manage the decline of your diseases

There is so much to talk about here

The human body is extremely complex

But again I want you to know you may not have to live with your health problems

Things like diabetes, chronic fatigue, Hormone and thyroid issues, fibromyalgia, and  chronic pain may not have to be a life sentence for you

If you are one of the thousands of people looking for a better answer for your health I wanted to invite you to attend one of my free community seminars on natural solutions to todays worst health problems You can call 983-CARE for times and dates

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