Get Well with Dr. Kevin: Symptoms


Symptoms are a signal your body sends you telling you something is wrong. They are a sign of a health problem not the problem themselves.

If I touch a hot stove and feel pain, the pain isn’t what’s wrong, my body is taking damage and the pain is a warning signal.

So many people are content with covering up symptoms instead of getting to the underlying reasons their health is failing.

Honestly people treat their cars better than their own bodies!

If you are driving home and the check engine light came on but it only took $200 to fix it…wouldn’t you want to fix it?

You can’t just trade your body in for a new model in a few years, so covering up your symptoms is not a good idea.

We always begin our patient care with very important questions: “Why is the body malfunctioning in this area and what can we do to improve it at that area?”

Why is the body sending this warning signal, and how can I make that better?”

The answer to those questions can get extremely complex and that’s why we take the time necessary to fully discover the underlying reasons our patients have health challenges. You can’t figure all this out in three minutes.

I want you to know you may not have to live with covering up your symptoms.

Things like diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain may not have to be a life sentence for you, even if you were told it was.

If you are one of the thousands of people looking for better answers to your health problems, I wanted to invite you to come in to my beautiful new office right behind Womens’ and Childrens’ Hospital. You can also Call 983-CARE or click here for more information.

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