Get Well with Dr. Kevin: Energy Deficit


Dr. Kevin Lenderman talks about one of the most important reasons those who suffer from any type of condition fail to regain their health.

It’s something called “energy deficit”.

Your energy molecule is called ATP (show ATP molecule), ATP is to your body what gasoline is to your car.

Your body must have a never-ending supply of energy to heal and work correctly.

Most suffer from the opposite. Most people I see with all types of health problems are making less energy than they are spending, they have an energy deficit.

So what your body will end up doing is it will pick and choose what it spends its limited energy on. It’s like if its time to pay bills and money is tight you might pick which bills to pay and which ones have to wait.

And If your body is living energetically paycheck to paycheck, its not saving for retirement and buying a vacation home

A healthy body, weight loss, and feeling great are up here and your health will never improve until this issue is fixed.

The energy production in your body begins with your thyroid, your thyroid hormone turns the food you eat into raw energy for your body to function.

Most people have been given wrong or outdated information about their thyroid and want real answers and natural solutions.

Now that’s way too much to talk about here, so I’m hosting a free community seminar called natural secrets to support a healthier thyroid.

If you want better energy, better metabolism, and a healthier body, I wanted to invite you to join us at my office for this amazing community seminar. The number to register is 983-CARE.

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