Festival International de Louisiane announces three artists for 2021 pin and poster


Neka Mire, a Chitimacha bead artist and river cane weaver. (FIL)

LAFAYETTE, La. (The Advertiser)- In a normal year, Festival International de Louisiane has individual artists apply to create the annual poster and pin. But nothing in the past year has been normal.

Jerome Ford (FIL)

Festival has brought together three artisans with diverse backgrounds and mediums to create a piece of commissioned artwork that is unifying and unique. The organization also felt that now is the perfect time to celebrate the unity and diversity that Festival encompasses and shares with the world, organizers said.

“Festival believes that by coming together – its fans, artists and organizers can rise above these challenges to manifest something even greater than before,” organizers said in an announcement Monday.

Luann Duhon (FIL)

In 2021, Festival’s goal is to focus on the “mélange of art, music, and love for people and cultures that the event brings to Lafayette, and the world,” the Festival press release stated. 

The Festival collaborators are Luann Duhon, a pottery maker, Neka Mire, a Chitimacha bead artist and river cane weaver, Jerome Ford, a painter.

Festival International is taking place April 19 thru April 25.

Read about these artists in The Advertiser’s full story here.

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