LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — The Better Business Bureau of Acadiana says any item that connects to the internet is a scam vulnerability. Smart TVs are no exception.

An influx of reports say odd pop-ups have been showing up on their screens alerting users that there is a problem with a streaming service subscription. Chris Babin with the BBB says the pop-up often prompts you to call a specific phone number. If you call the number, scammers pretend to be customer service representatives and insist you pay an activation fee or allow them remote access to your device.

“A lot of those applications have you logged in with your payment information. A scammer having access to that could definitely leave you vulnerable,” Babin says.

Here’s how you can avoid smart TV scams:

  • Double check any fees you have to pay. If scammers ask you to pay an activation fee or antivirus protection fee, do some research beforehand.
  • Don’t fall for fake websites. Scammers love to create imitation websites using urls that are just a letter or two off. Fake websites are a threat, even on smart tvs, so double check the url.
  • Check before you call. If a customer service phone number appears in a pop-up, double check it before you call. Contact a streaming service to find their customer support number.
  • Never let anyone control your device remotely. Scammers usually ask for remote computer access, but they could also ask for access to your smart tv.

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